Annual Reports

The two regional co-operatives operate with different balance dates.

  • Foodstuffs South Island Ltd has a balance date of February.
  • Foodstuffs North Island Ltd has a balance date of March.

The companies' annual reports are published approximately four months after balance date.

Our Brands



The mini format of our much loved PAK’nSAVE. PAK’nSAVE MINI uses its size to get into places where our larger format can’t, making New Zealand’s lowest prices more accessible than ever.



PAK'nSAVE takes $2 deals to a whole new level – providing a community centre to Kaitaia youth for a single gold coin

The site of the former PAK’nSAVE supermarket in Commerce St, Kaitaia, is destined to become a much needed work and meeting space for local youth; all for a $2 investment by the newly formed Kaitaia Youth Centre.

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