Becoming an owner operator

Franchise opportunities (also known as owner-operator) do arise from time to time thanks to new store development or the sale of an existing business.  We are happy to consider external candidates for these opportunities.

The entry point for people new to grocery retailing is usually at our iconic Four Square stores. This is mainly due to the fact that management of our larger stores requires considerable industry knowledge and experience.

For further information about current franchise opportunities and criteria please use our contact form.

Our Brands

Four Square

Four Square

The local Four Square is everywhere you are. Over the years Four Square has become one of New Zealand's most iconic brands and, as Foodstuffs' first grocery store, it’s our heritage brand. Four Square stores range from the small neighbourhood shop in larger towns and cities; perfect for picking up last minute ingredients for dessert or dinner to the larger grocery store in rural and provincial regions that services its community's everyday shopping needs.

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