Product Reformulation

Foodstuffs is committed to improving the nutritional profile of its private label foods so that our customers can eat more healthily.

We are taking a leadership role in encouraging suppliers of proprietary brands to continue their product reformulation efforts and/or introduce healthier options so that the nutritional profile of supermarket foods improves overall.

Specifically, we are:

Reformulating private label products so that by the end of 2018 we will have:

  • Reduced the sugar content in existing products by 10% in total
  • Reduced the sodium content in existing products by 10% in total
  • Reduced saturated fat content across the private label range
  • Continue to make nutrition a consideration when developing new products
  • Promote product reformulation with our supplier community by championing this cause whenever we formally engage with suppliers
  • Establish a new Supplier Award to recognise supplier commitment and achievement in supporting our objective to make more nutritious food available to our customers.

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