Corporate Responsibility

Foodstuffs gives back to New Zealand in so many ways; whether directly through millions of dollars of donations, as an employer of more than 30,000 New Zealanders, as a partner to thousands of businesses, or as kaitiaki or guardian of our environment.

December 2018 sees Foodstuffs New Zealand issuing an update on the many sustainability, people and business initiatives which have been completed or are still underway.  The business’ social responsibility programme is wide-reaching and aims to fulfil the Co-operative’s responsibilities to their teams, the wider New Zealand community and environment. The Foodstuffs Sustainability Snapshot summarises many of the key projects we have undertaken and for which we have delivered great outcomes. In addition, it outlines some new priorities. 

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Learn more about our environmental initiatives including store design, energy efficiency and water conservation.


Learn more about our sponsorships including the Starship Foundation and the Breast Cancer Foundation.

Social Responsibility

Learn more about our policies and commitments to being a responsible retailer in our community.

Healthy Communities

Find out more on our commitment to helping New Zealanders make healthy choices.

Alcohol Responsibility

Foodstuffs North and South Islands takes its roles as a retailer of alcohol very seriously.

Foodstuffs’ Pledge to Promote Healthier Eating

As the largest food retailer in New Zealand, we have a role to play in helping support the Government’s Childhood Obesity Strategy and create healthier communities that will thrive in the long-term. Foodstuffs makes the following pledges in support of this aim