Corporate Responsibility

We’re proudly 100% New Zealand owned and operated. We take our role to look after this place we all call home seriously. More than ever, we’ve seen how important it is that all New Zealanders have access to healthy and affordable food. We recognise we have an important role to play to make that happen and ensuring we operate in a way that delivers our social promises playing our part in every community.

Foodstuffs 2020 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

In 2019, we went through a process of understanding what issues are most important to New Zealanders and agreeing the role we can play in solving them. We had conversations with our store owners, Foodstuffs leaders, team members, customers, suppliers, government representatives, industry bodies and interest groups, and we were encouraged that, overall, they aligned on what the key issues are. This informed our new Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Strategy, making four social promises, which guide our efforts to support and build on the work already being done in our communities:

• We help every New Zealander access healthy and affordable food.
• We create meaningful work for our people.
• We support our local communities to thrive.
• We are sustainability leaders in our operations and how we source our products.

These promises informed our 2025 CSR Goals, which we will report against in coming years.

You can read more about our CSR Strategy, 2025 Goals, and activity in our 2020 Corporate Social Responsibility Report.*


Foodstuffs CSR Report 2020 Looking After Our Patch

Foodstuffs 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Snapshot

Our 2018 CSR Snapshot saw us formally introduce our national CSR programme – outlining work planned and underway to support our teams, the wider New Zealand community and environment.

*Our 2018 CSR Report covered calendar year 2018, while our 2020 CSR Report aligns to Foodstuffs New Zealand’s financial year, from 1 April 2019 – 31 March 2020. The intent of this is to align to our annual reporting process and explains the absence of a 2019 CSR Report.


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Social Responsibility

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Healthy Communities

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Alcohol Responsibility

Foodstuffs North and South Islands takes its roles as a retailer of alcohol very seriously.

Foodstuffs’ Pledge to Promote Healthier Eating

As the largest food retailer in New Zealand, we have a role to play in helping support the Government’s Childhood Obesity Strategy and create healthier communities that will thrive in the long-term. Foodstuffs makes the following pledges in support of this aim