Alcohol Responsibility

Foodstuffs North and South Islands both sell award-winning beer, wine and cider for New Zealanders aged 18 and over to enjoy responsibly.

Our PAK'nSAVE, New World, Fresh Collective by New World and Four Square stores ask everyone who looks under 25 to show identification at purchase to ensure we comply with legal requirements.

Our stores continue to adopt 'single alcohol areas' within our supermarkets and grocery stores as their liquor licences are renewed under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012. This means that alcohol will only be promoted and displayed within one area of the store.  Low-alcohol and non-alcohol products marketed and recognised as low strength alternatives to alcohol can also be found in the single alcohol area at most of our stores.

Both Foodstuffs North and South Islands take the role as a retailer of alcohol very seriously and welcome questions or concerns regarding the sale of alcoholic products within our supermarkets at any time.

  • How we handle the sale of restricted products, including alcohol

    All our member stores are required to meet all legal requirements relating to the supply of restricted products including beer, wine, cigarettes and tobacco.

    All checkout operators, supervisory and management staff receive training to enable them to fulfil their legal obligations in regard to the sale of these products. Special emphasis is placed on compliance with age restrictions.  The sale of alcohol and tobacco to minors is strictly prohibited.

    Where practical, point of sale systems prompt the checkout operator to verify the age of the purchaser when a restricted product is scanned.

    If there is any doubt about a customer's legal right to purchase alcohol or tobacco because of their age, checkout operators are required to request proof of age. If a customer is unable to provide satisfactory proof of age, the sale of the restricted product will be refused. We have clear signage such as the "Under 25: ID required" logo at checkouts and this logo is also used in conjunction with all press and circular advertising of alcohol products.

    Foodstuffs complies with all Advertising Standards Authority codes of practice.

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New World

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